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Maschine Software

  • Development of product-specific regulatory and supervising software

ISOBUS operating software fo@PC for tablet and PC


  • ISOBUS universal terminal as Microsoft Windows application
  • for tablet- and standard-PC`s
  • one machine/prozess fully operable, four more for process monitoring
  • ISOBUS-VT, task-controller and file-server
  • field navigation field-guide with section-control 

Complete set:

  • CD
  • license-dongle
  • USB-CAN-Adapter, cable

PDF download



Precision Farming Software

  • PC-Software Con2ADIS
    • For creating and processing memory card files containing master data of the facility for "fieldoperator 200/205" Preparation of orders including strike, outline and raster cards.
    • Preparation of process data collection (LOG files) Utilization of the ADIS-library (DLL-files)
    • Data conversion into ASCII-format
  • PC-Software JVIEW       
    • Programme for graphic representation of raster and log files createt  in "fieldoperator 200/205".
  • Stand-alone-Software
    • Controlling of machines without own control electronics, with existing mashin controls, without GPS funktion
      • programme "Variable Dispersion"
      • programme "Yield Recording"
      • programme "Field Measuring"

(Translate) file-server

Der File-Server ist eine vereinfachte Form der Datenspeicherung nach Vorgaben des jeweiligen Maschinen-Jobrechners.
Das Datenformat und der Datenumfang werden in Abstimmung mit dem Maschinenhersteller individuell gestaltet.


The file server is a simplified form of storing data according to specifications of the respective machines job computer. The data format and the scope of the data be individually created in coordination with the machine manufacturer.


Development software for ISOBUS-Komponents to ISO 11783

PC-Software MaskGenerator

Professionally and comfortably developing data masks for ISOBUS Terminals

PC-Software Mask Generator

  • Professional development tool for data masks according to ISO 11783
  • easy to learn

...You want to conveniently develop data masks for ISOBUS terminals according to ISO 11783 on your PC.

  • As PC software, the WTK Mask Generator assures the designed masks’ compatibility with individual ISOBUS applications of various manufacturers.
  • After a short learning curve you will be able to successfully and comfortably design data masks.
  • For the development of data masks you do not require a full knowledge of ISO 11783.


  • Supports all ISO 11783 objects and commands
  • Comfortable graphic user interface with many automated functions
  • Source code export function for simple integration in   job controller software programmes
  • Development of object-pool projects consisting of several OP-parts ...for your own data masks

Create your own operating interface with the WTK-Software Mask Generator – a development tool easily operated thanks to the many automated functions.


We will be happy to provide you with more information and to supply you with an individual offer.
Are you interested? We look forward to your request.

PC-Software MaskGenerator

Software for the development of object pools by using the MaskGenerator object pools for job calculators
(Electronic Control Units, ECU) can be designed and processed comfortably.
The software implements Part 6 (Virtual Terminal) of the future international standard ISO- 11783.
The aplication of this software tool guarantees its users, that their ISOBUS-equipment is compatible with  ISO 11783

PDF download

Convince yourself and download our Demo version (EVALUATION Version 3.x).

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[Translate to Englisch:] Field-guide - die Navigationssoftware zum Spuranschlussfahren im Parallel- oder Konturmodus.

Das System besteht aus der Navigationssoftware field-guide in einem unserer ISOBUS Terminals (field-operator 300), der field-lightbar als Navigationsmonitor zur Darstellung der Lenkempfehlung und des Spurversatzes. Zusätzlich ist ein hochwertiger 12-Kanal DGPS-Empfänger erforderlich.