Metal Sensor

Sensor for detecting ferromagnetic metal parts in material flows

  • Protection against machinery damage caused by ferromagnetic objects
  • Pevents health hazards due to foreign metallic bodies in animal feed/harvests

...Harvest time – a time when you need to concentrate on your work. Machine downtime caused by ferromagnetic objects which find their way from the field into the harvest lowers profits. Remnants of old wire fencing in animal feed are a hazard to animals’ wellbeing.  

How it works:

  • The sensor works using the principle of magnetic  induction and contains integrated electronics. The sensor design and signal analysis developed by WTK guarantees a high rate of detection.
  • The sensor is used to detect magnetisable ferrous parts in material flows. It is unsuitable for non-ferrous metals, stainless steel or stationary metal bodies.
  • Detecting ferromagnetic parts in material flows is a technically demanding task. Reliability is dependent on the construction of the machine, the sensitivity setting, the speed, the geometric shape and position of the foreign metal body and reliable processing of the switching and CAN-BUS signals.

You can minimise these risks with the WTK metal sensor.

  • It detects ferromagnetic metal parts in moving material flows, preventing costly machinery damage.
  • Admixtures of tin cans, wire fence remnants, scrap metal and bicycle parts or other similar ferromagnetic foreign bodies can be quickly detected and removed from the harvest/feed.
  • Switching output to stop the machine and CAN-BUS connection for data transfer
  • Both the sensor and the machine must be individually synchronised with each other.

Technical Data:

  • CAN 2.0b (active) interface, internal active bus connection possible
  • Reaction time to CAN STOP message and STOP switching output is dependent on size and speed of the foreign body and the selected sensitivity level, but a maximum of 15 ms from passing the sensor surface
  • 16 levels of sensitivity parameters, adjustable via CAN or manually
  • Operating mode: Thresholds fixed or adaptively matched to environmental interference
  • Positive or negative stop signal logic
  • Stop signal released automaticallly after a set time period or via CAN
  • Test sto available as power-on diagnostiv or optionally during runtime
  •  BUS interface with 3 optional 11 bit CAN IDs or other protocols
  • Retrievable settings for current measurement and diagnostic information
  • CAN data rates 50 to 500 kBit/s
  • CAN connection not mandatory
  • Electrical connections:

Operating voltage, earth, STOP output (5A ground switching), CAN- H, CAN- L and connection cable configurable to order

  • Length: min 440 mm, max 750 mm
  • Weight: approx. 10-15 kg, depending on design
  • Temperature range: -20 to +60 ºC
  • Operating voltage: +10.5 to +16 Volts
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Encapsulated electronics on request, EMC tested

Eliminating machine faults and health hazards from contaminated harvests/animal feed by detecting metal parts in the material flow saves time and money when smooth harvesting work is needed – the WTK metal sensor does this with a high degree of accuracy.


We would be happy to offer you engineering support up to commissioning the metal sensor in new machines


Interested? We look forward to your enquiry.



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