mini seed drill

Universal sowing monitor for tramline control

  • A switching output for tramline control, for universal application in mechanical and pneumatic seed drills
  • Perfect as a retrofit package for updating technology

Ideally suited for monitoring seed drills and laying tramlines. The WTK mini seed drill can be easily combined with your specialist machinery thanks to its flexible connection options for sensors and switches. 

Its functions include:

  • tramline control according to your preset tramline rhythm
  • area metering
  • driving speed display
  • revolution monitoring
  • fill level monitoring in the seed hopper
  • and it can also act as a calibration aid if needed. 

How it works:

  • Tramline control:

A symmetrical or asymmetrical tramline rhythm of 2 to    20 field transits can be set using the keypad.    The tramline control is regulated by the working position sensor.

Area metering:

The route is measured and offset against the adjustable working width of 0.5 to 40 m in 0.05 m steps (according to 5 freely selectable conditions).

Speed calculation:                                                         

A wheel sensor provides a pulse repetition that is used to display the speed.            

Revolution monitoring:        

The seeding shaft or fan can be permanently monitored   to ensure correct operation. The operating range for fan revolutions can be entered   using the keypad.

Fill level monitoring:        

The seed level is monitored using a sensor. Once the fill level drops below a minimum value, the driver is immediately alerted by an alarm sound and an error display.    

Calibration aid:         

To support the calibration process, the number of crank turns is calculated and displayed. When the crank handle is turned, the display value counts down to zero. Once zero is reached, a 5 second alarm will sound.

Technical Data:

  • Sturdy monitor with magnetic bracket and keypad, 7 segment illuminated LCD display
  • Daily memory and long-term memory for hectare performance; all values are saved after switching off the device and can be deleted as necessary using the keypad.
  • Revolution monitoring with adjustable rev limits
  • Visual and audible alarm signal     
  • Dimensions: H 100 x W 65 x D 35 mm3
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Operating voltage: +10.5 to +16 V DC
  • LCD display: 4 point lighting

...hectare size, driving speed or revolutions the WTK mini seed drill allows you to accurately monitor them all. This enables you to react promptly to any potential deviations, and provides certainty when predictable performance is needed. 

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