8 Bit Controller

Cost-effective control unit with application specific configuration 

  • cost-effective

  • universal

  •  cnfigurable to customer specifications

  • sturby

  • download capablev

Agricultural and construction machinery, forestry and commercial vehicles need sturdy, mobile and download-capable control and regulation technology that is cost-effective to purchase...

The universal 8-bit job computer is brilliant for this, as

  •  this control and regulation system can be configured to customer specifications.
  • It controls and monitors entire hydraulic systems, proportional valves, electrical actuators etc. for process automation and is
  • flexible due to the option of customer-specific hardware and software adaptations.
  • Its die-cast aluminium case makes it particularly suited to rough and  mobile applications in vehicles and mobile machinery.
  • It connects to operating terminals in tractors via a LIN-BUS.


How it works:

  • Mounting a job computer to machines and devices that require controlling can significantly minimize cabling needs. Short connecting wires and BUS signal transmission ensure a high degree of flexibility and reliability. Low and medium complexity machine control can therefore be affordably achieved.

  • All WTK 8-bit job computers are download capable.


Technical Data:

  • Power supply

input voltage 10.5 V to  16.0 V

load supply switched via relay,

max. 20 A continuous current,

sensor supply switched unstabilised via relay max. 200 mA

  • Input/outputs (size M)

10 x 3A high-side switching outputs with shared diagnostics (broken cable, short circuit)

2 x 5A PWN compatible power outputs with load current measurement for electrical control circuits

6 x PNP, NPN, Namur or analog voltage inputs (assembly options)

  • Interfaces

1 x LIN-BUS V2.0 with 9600/19200 Baud cable fitting

ISP microchip interface

  • WTK job computer family depending on

the field of application and the scope of the machine functions to be controlled, we can offer you various adapted S, M and L sizes.

  • Environmental conditions

Operational range: -20 to +75 C ambient temperature

EMC: DIN EN ISO 14982 for agricultural and forestry machinery

Case: Die-cast aluminium with pressure equalization

Sensor/actuator connection to spring clamps via 16 cable fittings

Dimensions: 175 x 80 x 58 mm3

Protection rating: IP 65


A variety of available sizes allow this cost-effective job computer from the WTK 8-bit job computer range to be ideally adapted to your control tasks.


We would be happy to provide you with further information and an individual quote.


Interested? We look forard to your enquiry.


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