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Every step on the road to success must be taken together.

Dedicated management and constant development work has made WTK-Elektronik a significant name in its field. Although the initials of the company’s founders, Dr. Jürgen Wagner, Volker Tillich and Manfred Kriedel, originally represented a continuation of the ingenuity offered by an innovative development team who brought their experience to agricultural engineering in Saxony, today the company has made a name for itself as a well-known OEM supplier in the field of electronic equipment construction and cable assembly, particularly in the agricultural, forestry and construction machinery industry. We stand wholeheartedly behind the vision of the company’s founders, and will continue to do so, because

“‘Wirtschaftliche Technik komfortabel gesteuert’ (conveniently controlled and cost effective technology) is our business”


WTK – a trip through time

1992 Company founded in Neustadt (a traditional agricultural machinery town) with 5 employees; Founding members brought expertise in electronics and electro-mechanics for agricultural technology to WTK from the former state combine FORTSCHRITT
1993 First participation at AGRITECHNICA
1995 Development of controls for electric drives in precision seed drills
1997 First certification under DIN ISO 9001 quality management system
1998 Building and commissioning of new company premises Introduction of 16 bit universal job computer
1999 Presentation and production of LBS onboard terminal field-operator 200; Operating and display terminal field-operator 205 – the top selling terminal in its class – offers access to precision farming technology
2001 Demonstration of the first ISOBUS solutions
2004 Innovation prize at AGROCOMPUTERTAGE
2006 Company expansion with production area doubled
2009 AGRITECHNICA – awarded the Max Eyth Medal by the VDI (Association of German Engineers)

WTK timeline

WTK-Elektronik was founded in 1992, in the town of Neustadt in Saxony, a traditional area for agricultural machinery. The founding members provided start-up capital for the new company in the form of the experience and technical expertise in electronics and electro-mechanics for agricultural technology, which they brought from their previous roles.