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Mobile electronics – from ISOBUS terminals through to complex precision farming solutions

Your partner for cost-effective system solutions – from ISOBUS terminals through to complex precision farming solutions.

  • Ergonomic ISOBUS operator terminals from WTK-Elektronik can be found everywhere that OEM services are in demand for the efficient operation and precise supervision of precision farming workflows, e.g. in single seed sowing technology, drill technology or general area-related section control.
  • In addition to the operator terminals, complex ISOBUS system solutions also include efficient 8-32-bit job controllers, sensors and actuators specific to agricultural machinery (e.g. electrical motor drives for single seed sowing machines), and cable systems and cable harnesses ready for connection.
  • As an innovative OEM system supplier for mobile electronics, WTK-Elektronik is a well-known pioneer in ISOBUS operator terminals, single seed sowing technology, mobile controls, precision-timed cable assembly and high voltage drive engineering.

On top of this, all of the mobile electronics solutions from WTK-Elektronik, such as job controllers, ECUs, mobile controls, operator terminals, etc., are an excellent choice due to their outstanding price-performance ratio for all mobile machinery.

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