WTK-modular-system for operating terminals and job computers

For years, the WTK-Elektronik development team has been working successfully on product ranges for operating units and control computers which can be used in the greatest number of specific applications with minor adjustments. This applies to freely combinable hardware modules and circuit boards, casings and cable variants as well as software in the form of various programme function libraries.

Machine controls are complemented by sensors and actuators which have been tried and tested in the field for many years.

Using a selection of 8 bit or 32 bit job computers, operating terminals with 3” to 12” displays in various performance categories (with and without touch screen input) and a variety of BUS connections (CAN, LIN and more) adapted to specific applications, a cost-effective system can be developed to meet our customers’ requirements – from low-cost to high-end.

These flexible modules can offer the greatest complexity, as required from ISOBUS components. Easily executable software updates for installed components and the associated devices and programmes have been an integral part of the products we develop for years.


WTK-Baukastensystem für Bedienterminals und Jobrechner
WTK-modular-system for operating terminals and job computers