Seed drill control for ISOBUS and low cost terminals

  • For pneumatic seed drills
  • Speed-dependent control/monitoring for up to 4 metering drives (electrical, mechanical or hydraulic)
  • Part width section control
  • Automatic ridge marking control, including headland management
  • Tramline device (symmetrical, asymmetrical and special tramlines)
  • Integrated grain blockage monitoring
  • Calibration
  • Sensor test
  • Records operating hours, hectare output and spread rates
  • Fan and grain tank monitoring
  • Suitable for precision farming
  • Multiple work light and warning beacon module controllable with LIN bus (optional)

Features of the WTK system solution:

  • 32 bit ARM processor technology
  • Various levels available due to a modular system with I/O expansion modules, memory modules or LIN bus I/O modules
  • Operated via ISOBUS terminals or low cost terminals such as the field-operator 120 or field-operator 130
  • Joystick for ease of operation, as supplement to the ISOBUS terminal (optional)

Along with field-guide, an RTK satellite receiver and automatic steering, this WTK control is ideal for use in cereal crop seed drills to avoid overlaps in the field and achieve optimum low-loss seed distribution

Benefits that pay off:

Comfortable operation to avoid all sowing work processes.

The seed is perfectly distributed regardless of driving speed.

WTK Quaddrill controller

The WTK Quaddrill controller is a universal ISOBUS controller that can be adapted to any drill with minimal effort. ...PDF Download