Precision seed drill control

 The WTK precision seed drill control is designed for precision seed drills powered by electric motor with up to 24 rows.

WTK offers a range of controls to optimise machinery power requirements.

Precision seed drill
Precision seed drill


  • No mechanical drive at all, as all seed units are fitted with their own electrical drive motors.
  • Cost savings through interchangeable motor job computers and substantially lower cable requirements.
  • Variable arrangement of seed units.
  • Configurable number of seed cells and seed disks between 4 and 30 cells.
  • Option for precision farming through variable seed intervals in individual rows:
    • The grain interval can be varied from the driverís cabin during sowing, in fine increments up to 50 cm. Control deviation on the seed disk is 1.5%. The seed density can be percentually increased on the left and right edge of the tramlines, which would not be possible with a mechanical drive. Everything is conveniently controlled from the driverís cabin, without any need for the driver to waste time getting in and out.
  • Tramlines can be laid automatically and manually.
  • Flexible part width section control by switching individual electric motors off or on.
  • Control of pre-emergence markers per seed unit.
  • Easy implementation with additional electrically-driven granule meter in combination with sowing technology
  • Grain monitor with alarm function integrated into the system. Errors in individual seed units are displayed in the terminal.
  • Use of LIN bus technology reduces breakdown susceptibility.
  • Easy to repair.

WTK-Elektronik can react immediately to customer requests

A modular system makes this possible. WTK-Elektronik also loans electronic motor testers and a range of drive motors for precision seed drills to agricultural machinery manufacturers for testing purposes, allowing them to test power requirements and select the most suitable engines.

The EKS ISOBUS job computer also offers the possibility to specifically control several hydraulic functions.

How the WTK precision seed drill control works

Precision seed drill
Precision seed drill
  • Connection to the motor job computers is via a cost-effective LIN bus successfully used in the automotive sector.
  • The motor job computers each control their own electrical motor to drive the seed disk or granule meter.
  • The speed of the drive motors is electronically regulated depending on the driving speed and the given grain interval or fertiliser distribution rate.
  • This allows the grain interval or fertiliser level to be varied at will while driving to optimise sowing.

This solution offers farmers another WTK controlled ISOBUS application for precision farming.

Find out for yourself. WTK-Elektronik will be happy to address any detailed questions you have.

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