WTK-Elektronik orchard robot concept

Orchard robot
Orchard robot

 Research project

 “Development of an autonomous, self-steering vehicle for use in orchards”

in cooperation with the chair of agricultural systems engineering at Dresden University of Technology and Raussendorf Maschinen- und Gerätebau GmbH

 For various applications using interchangeable parts, e.g.

  • For applying pesticides to reduce health risks to the fruit farmer
  • For mulching tramlines for efficient handling and care of plantations
  • For transporting harvest boxes, as a harvester on fruit plantations to noticeably reduce physical effort in plantation work

 WTK-Elektronik’s tasks during project implementation:

  • Development and manufacture of modular 32 bit control computer
  • Development of control software with:
    • Communication with engine controller (EMR2) via CAN interface
    • Regulation of the hydraulic drive
    • Activation of the mulcher and sprayer
    • Control of the entire vehicle by remote control
    • Remote control via CAN interface (hardware and software)
  • Cable harness for:
    • Engine controller (EMR2)
    • Sensors (wheel rotational speed, hydraulic pressure and temperature, etc)
    • Hydraulic pump (electrically adjusted)
    • Battery and starter motor

 Orchard robot parameters:

  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Diesel engine 45kW
  • Dimensions: width 1.25 m, length 2.75 m, weight 2200 kg