Wireless - Control


Data Radio Transfer between the Terminal and the Job Calculator

The Wireless-Control uses a short-distance radio standard in order to facilitate communication between the control panel unit and the job calculator. The radio adapter is designed for CAN and LIN-BUS systems, thus usable in most mobile agricultural applications. This system is characterized by highly safe data transfer, guaranteed by the following aspects:

  • Data transfer method
  • 56-bit encoding
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Method
  • Error correction mechanism
  • System safety
  • Communication only possible from point to point between the default control unit and the job calculator (pairing)

The Advantages are:

  • Improved handling and mobility for signaling lines have been omitted
  • Additional components, such as a rear control unit, has been omitted




Further Features:

  • automatic bus recognition (LIN / CAN including ISO-BUS and LBS)
  • safe radio link up to 10m
  • extended temperature range
  • control unit with battery and integrated charger
  • operation of the job calculator possible via PDA (e.g. palm)