ISOBUS for tractors


ISOBUS upgrading solution with WTK componenets

  • The universal ISOBUS basic hardware is designed for tractors, which do not have ISOBUS hardware for operating machines  with ISOBUS in accordance with ISO 11783.

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Everything in hand! Multifunctional-joystick for ISOBUS applications

  • Tried and tested external ISOBUS control unit
  • 24 functions
  • Toggle switch to change between 3 levels, each with 8 function keys
  • Safety button on the back
  • Ergonomic for right handed users

 ...whether in agricultural machinery, forestry vehicles, municipal technology or other mobile machinery – the WTK field-handle allows frequently used control functions in the ISOBUS terminal to be allocated to joystick buttons, allowing comfortable and fatigue-free operation.
You will soon not want to do without the benefits it offers.

  • It can be easily mounted in the ideal position in the cabin for the operator.
  • The electronics are integrated into the handle.
  • A toggle switch allows 24 functions to be assigned across three function levels with 8 function keys.                                                                  
  • The selected function level is indicated using a 3 colour LED.

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  • The field-guide is a low-cost contribution to track-match driving.

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Power Concept

Power supply for electrical consumers of up to 80A

  • More and more electrical power consumers in agricultural, forestry and communal machines require new solutions for power transfer in order to meet the increasing power demand of, e.g., electromotive drives, solenoid couplings or powerful headlights.
We offer power solutions between tractor and implement for up to 80A . We look forward to your inquiry.