Joystick / Operating Lever Joystick

  • robust construction
  • movement in one or two levels
  • analogue and switch outputs
  • suitable for agricultural, forestry and building equipment

Based on two variants, a solution for any application can be provided. By means of the included multi-functional handle, further operational functions according to the customer's needs may be effected via a wide variety of switches and keys.

There is the possibility of connecting the multi-functional handle to the CAN-BUS. Thus also often used terminal functions may ergonomically and efficiently be executed.

Joystick / operating lever with analogue output signals (2 levels)

  • variant with self-return to zero position (dead man switch)
  • variant with self-control of the selected excursion (brake, drive lever)

Further technical features:

  • excursive angle from a defined medium position 20
  • movement in two levels, forced movement over special gates programmable
  • zero position switch in zero position via special switch
  • analogue outputs via high-value electrically conducting plastics potentiometer

Joystick / Operating Lever with Switch Outputs

  • Handling switch contacts in the end positions of movement directions
  • self-return to zero position (dead man switch)

Further technical features:

  • Movement on two levels, forced movement via special gates
  • excursive angle from a medium position 10
  • micro switch handling in any end position
    • variante 1: 2mA - 100mA
    • variante 2: 100mA - 2A


  • Ergonomically proven handle design
  • Models with switches, buttons or rocker switches of the following types according to customers' requirements:
    • on locking - on locking (off) F - F
    • on locking - off - on locking F - Fo - F
    • on pushing - off - on locking T - Fo - F
    • on pushing - off - on pushing T - Fo - T
  • Load capacity
    • direct control:
      • 4 A up to 30V DC
      • 5 A up to 12V DC
    • indirect control
      • max. 125 mA, max. 48 V DC (membrane push-button) (all load capacity details refer to ohmic resistance)
  • lettering of the handle shells possible as to customers' request in blind blocking hot pressing.

There is also the possibility to insert other manufacturers' multi-functional handles on customers' request.

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field-handle pro

field-handle pro

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