BSZ - electronic working hour meter

BSZ with Vibrations-Sensor

BSZ with Revolutions-Sensor

The electronic working hour meter is used for determining the operating time in machines and devices.


Vibration or movement of the machine activate a sensor that initiates a counting process. An evaluation mode prevents short-time shocks of the machine from being considered. If, over a certain period, no impulses get registered by the electronics (machine downtime), there will be no counting and the display switches itself off. The counter will only restart counting if, over a determined period, impulses are effective and recognized by the sensor. This electronic solution enables a long operating time without requiring the battery to be changed.


  • Clearly readable, high-contrast LCD display
  • Floating decimal point
  • Up to 99999.9-hour display
  • Counter self-starting and switching itself off
  • Temperature range: -20 to +60 C
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Power supply: internal long-life battery
  • Dimensions: width 104 x height 52 x length 27 mm3


  • Simple assembly in any mounting position
  • Own long-life power supply with power-saving mode
  • Ideal device for service interval monitoring
  • Check of operational hours in leased devices
  • Manipulation-proof, non-deletable and non-resettable recording of time operated
  • Power-saving mode by switching itself on and off after the initial commissioning of the running time meter is effected