minimat 3


The unit is suitable for

  • Hectare counting
  • Operation time control
  • Revolution control
  • Driving speed

Technical Data

  • Line voltage: 10,5 - 16 V DC
  • Protective grade: IP65
  • Fastening through magnet or holding device
  • Storing hectare and operating time values as daily and cumulative data
  • Working range, may be entered at 0.05m steps
  • Calibration (100m calibration)


  • Display "Distance Covered"
  • Impulse counting (e.g. number of revolutions)
  • An output max. (10 A)
  • Measurement/evaluation of flow rates, pressures, fill-up levels

Short description of the hectare meter "MINIMAT"

The hectare meter "MINIMAT " serves the data coverage of hectare performance and operating hours, the checking of two revolution measuring points to display velocity.
Alternatively to that, the connected four sensors may be used for per-piece counting or distance measuring. The main application of the hectare counter is the farming tractor.
Flexible sensor assembly and parameter adjustment, however, permits its application in self-driven agricultural machinery and in stationary uses.
Via the keyboard the operator may select the desired display or parameter adjustment (e.g. working range). All value settings and hectare values remain stored after switching the unit off.
After switching on, the hectare counter keeps operating in the same operating mode with the stored data.

Hectare Counting

The coverage of the hectare performance is done by measuring the work distance covered multiplying it by an adjustable working range. The wheel sensor supplies the impulses for measuring the distance. There are two internal hectare meters/memories, which may be used as daily meters and cumulative meters (long-time meter). The hectare meter/memories are erasable via the keyboard. Hectare data are displayed in the floating point mode according to size of the data measured as follows:
0,00 ... 9,99 , 10,0 ... 99,9; 100 ... 999; 1000 ... 9995
Hectare data are automatically stored after 0.1 ha and on pushing the hectare button. If one selects the hectare display by pushing the button, initially the daily meter and, after another push, the cumulative meter is displayed.

Operating Hour Counter

The daily and cumulative data are stored. The stored data can be deleted via the keyboard. They are displayed as follows: 00.00/hrs/min), 000.0 (hrs/ten minutes), 0000 (hrs)

Speed Display

The wheel sensor impulses are also used, apart from counting hectares, for calculating the driving speed. If mounted accordingly, the sensors also enable measurement of creeping speed. The display in km/h then shows:
0,20 ... 1,99; 2,0 ... 9,9; 10 ... 99.
For registering the distance driven the microcomputer needs to be supplied with the number of impulses corresponding to a distance of 100 m. This is either done by covering a 100 m test distance or by manually entering this number of impulses.

Revolution Counting

Two sensors may register the revolutions of e.g. the power take-off shaft and the engine. The number of impulses per revolution needs to be entered as a parameter. Respective arrangement of the sensors and of the pulse generating elements (e.g. magnets) may register revolutions between 10 and 4,000 rpm.

Alternative Operation Modes

Via the keyboard the standard operation mode of a measuring point may be switched to an alternative operation mode.

  • Revolution counting is then altered to single pulse counting, which may serve to count e.g. numbers of items. The single pulses counted can be stored by pushing a button or deleted. If switching on again, counting may be continued from the data stored.


  • Sensortest
    The display mode "Sensor Test" enables the function check of the sensors connected.
  • Hectare counting can be switched to distance metering, measured in m.