universal mini computer for monitoring revs

  • Monitoring of freely selectable rev ranges
  • Up to four different revs can be monitored
  • Optical and acoustic alarm in case of deviating revs
  • with bale counter and event counter
  • With optional operatung position sensor
  • Ideal device for modernizing and upgrading

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 100 x 65 x 35 mm
  • Operating voltage: 10,5 - 16 V DC
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • LCD-Display: 4 stellig, beleuchtet
  • Rev: 60 - 3000 U/min
  • monitor with a magnetic holder

The rev monitoring system "rpm-monitor"


The “rpm monitor” is a mini computer used for monitoring a maximum of four different revs.

The device consists of a display monitor on a magnetic foot, four operating keys and three program keys. The display device is connected to the sensors via a power cord with central plug. A power supply cord connects the device to the onboard power supply network. 

If adjusted accordingly, a rev measuring point can be used for the bale counting feature. An operating position sensor can be employed for monitoring tasks.


Functional description


Via a setup menu, the revs are being allocated accordingly to measuring points to be monitored, which are then recorded. 
The recorded data remain in the memory after the operating voltage has been switched off. If, in the operating state, the monitoring system registers deviations from the set values at the measuring points, an optical and acoustic alarm signal 
is set off. The display flashes and shows the faulty measuring point with its current rev. The acoustic signal can be turned off temporarily (for 20 seconds). If the decrease in revs has not been eliminated, the signal is set off again. In case further decreases in revs are registered, these are alternately shown on the display. The system is equipped with an optional 
operating position sensor, which allows to distinguish between the monitoring mode and the display mode.

A measuring point can be configured by the customer in a way that this sensor works as an event counter (e.g. bale counter). In order to do this it is necessary to press a special key on the keyboard. By pressing the same key, it is also possible to delete the display value again (e.g. the number of bales).

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