field-handle pro

Neu zur AGRITECHNICA 2015 -  field-handle pro

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field - handle

Everything in hand! Multifunctional-joystick for ISOBUS applications

  • Tried and tested external ISOBUS control unit
  • 24 functions
  • Toggle switch to change between 3 levels, each with 8 function keys
  • Safety button on the back
  • Ergonomic for right handed users

 ...whether in agricultural machinery, forestry vehicles, municipal technology or other mobile machinery – the WTK field-handle allows frequently used control functions in the ISOBUS terminal to be allocated to joystick buttons, allowing comfortable and fatigue-free operation.
You will soon not want to do without the benefits it offers.

  • It can be easily mounted in the ideal position in the cabin for the operator.
  • The electronics are integrated into the handle.
  • A toggle switch allows 24 functions to be assigned across three function levels with 8 function keys.                                                                  
  • The selected function level is indicated using a 3 colour LED.

Fields of application/features

  • The field-handle is an ISO 11783-compliant additional external input device for an ISOBUS terminal (Auxiliary Control Assignment), allowing quick and focussed access to job computer functions.
  • 8 function keys can be operated at 3 levels using a toggle switch on the back of the joystick. This means that 24 assignable functions can be comfortably controlled from the joystick.
  • A 3-coloured LED on the front of the joystick indicates the selected active level, with either red, yellow or green. The LED has a day/night mode to prevent glare while working and improve visibility.
  • According to the ISOBUS standard, the operator is free    to select which functions they wish to assign to which    key. Each key function is allocated through the ISOBUS terminal in use.
  • A safety key (deadman’s switch) on the multifunctional joystick provides greater operational safety for machinery functions.
  • The field-handle displays assigned functions in its    main data screen on the ISOBUS terminal. The display is changed with the level toggle on the back of the joystick.
  • With the settings data screen, the operator can alter the safety level for each individual operating level (duration that the active key function will continue before automatic locking after activating the safety switch).
  • The 3 colour LED will flash at the selected level to illustrate that the multifunctional joystick is active.

Technical Data

  • Operating voltage: 10.5 to  16 V DC
  • CAN interface: 250 kBit/sec 
  • Operating temperature: -20 º to +70 ºC
  • Power consumption: 70 mA, protection rating IP20
  • Software: ISOBUS Auxiliary Function Implementation Level 3.1 or 4.1

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You’ll really have “everything in hand” – which will allow you to relax, even during long days in the field.The field-handle is ergonomic in design to allow frequently used ISOBUS job computer functions to be controlled quickly and with focus.

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