Navigation Monitor for ISOBUS Applications

The field-guide is a low-cost contribution to track-match driving. This solution provides the driver with steering recommendations and information about the current track mismatch.

By means of the field-guide, a further component for extending the functionality of existing ISOBUS solutions with the field-operator with available DGPS are on offer.

Advantages of the field-guide in track-match driving:

  • Cost minimization by follow-on utilization of existing ISOBUS components (e.g. terminal, DGPS)
  • Stress-relief of the driver and increased efficiency
  • Higher yield in area by lower marginal overlapping
  • Utilization of the full work width, no unprocessed areas any more
  • Equal quality in day and night operation as well as in bad sight conditions
  • Saving of otherwise usually applied track marking
  • The field-guide can be applied in original fitting and retrofitting of existing ISOBUS systems